• Emily Louise Perkins

I love younger women like Lorelei loved Rory

Let’s play with miniature versions of things

Can I buy you a good book

Did you know a cast iron pan can help with iron intake

Can I play you my favorite song

Let’s get take out and watch bad movies

Can I tell you very seriously

the mood of the man simply cannot dictate yours

I know

Sometimes you feel like you’re the clay and he’s the thumb

But that’s just because you’re an earthen creature

You warm when the sun shines

I love older women like Anne loved Marilla

I’m dancing for you, will you watch?

  • Emily Louise Perkins

my desecration

I was raised to enjoy

I like to be handled

this cannot be changed

  • Emily Louise Perkins

If You Can Get a Good Southern Woman

I’ll make you love me more than you’ve ever loved anyone else and I won’t do it with prettiness

Ill do it by tucking right in below and around you even when it’s hard

Ill do it by being exactly as you want me to be

Strong enough

for your boat to float atop

Soft enough

to go around your rock

Just enough

to please you

Yer smile’ll be for me

Yer hands and eyes too

And yer thoughts’ll be with me

While I’m doin’ this for you