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"The flaws of each character are complemented by much love and humor, perfected by Emily Louise Perkins, whose near constant vulnerability is as disarmingly hilarious as it is heartbreaking." 

"The most invigorating performance was Emily Perkins-Margolin as Jaggers. Perkins' characterization was brilliant, hilarious and touching."

Theater In The Now

"A standout in excellent company is Emily Louise Perkins..."

NY Theater Now

"Watching Edward Bauer repress a nervous breakdown, eyes small and chest heaving, when called out for a "special relationship" with a collective member is searing, as is Emily Perkins' glare of defiance when confronted with the contents of her private diary."


"Perkins, (The Woodshed Collective's The Confidence Man), is a joy as youngest sister, Irina. She develops her character from a wide-eyed optimist to someone who knows better and maintains a welcomed fresh-faced levity."

Theater is Easy

"An 18 year old, Anna (played by Emily Louise Perkins with a ferocity belied by her wide, doe eyes)..."


"Perhaps the most growth came in the character played by Emily Louise Perkins (Jaggers from That Poor Dream) who transformed herself over the course of the play~ from a naive, girlish college student into a hardened realist doing whatever she has to in order to get by in the world."

Armstrong Plays

"The diminutive Anna (Emily Louise Perkins) mixes happy homemaker tendencies with her revolutionary verve... "


"the talented ensemble enhance this staged intimacy with their complex characters and deeply-felt performances…Perkins’ Anna starts out wide-eyed but grows embittered over time."

Exeunt Magazine

"A superb cast delivers the impassioned rhetoric and distinctive characterizations of the figures with full-out fervor and specificity… and Emily Louise Perkins is sweet, naïve, and nurturing as the young Anna, until she comes into her own and stands up for herself. Each and every one is outstanding."

DC Metro Theater Arts

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Liba Vaynberg & Emily Louise Perkins (1)
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