• Emily Louise Perkins

April 13

Out of Order

Haven’t been doing well since Easter’s been cancelled

He asked me to wait but my faith has been trampled

The God of the Bible said he’d stop it but hasn’t

My suffering God’s been unusually absent

A child in my temple, I waited three days

I waited three more then walked empty highways

I walked empty Times Square and past empty cafes

I saw used rubber gloves and unused ashtrays

I saw abnormal things in friend’s parents x-rays

and severity peaked in some 10-12 days

And then in the ER an addict threw urine

mother made to stand, no bed free to endure in

with foundations destroyed what can righteous do

and who among righteous with nothing to do

can be still and know in this enforced stillness

that He has a plan, where is Your brilliance in this

I won’t waste my sorrows on Him and false hope

My name written in heaven, a false horoscope

If He can’t control it it’s out of control

I lose mine

I can’t rhyme

My rhymes are out-shined

have no structure

I must re-structure my ideals my morals and ethics

The idea’s of my childhood now pathetic


Poetic okay

now I am a skeptic

and no, it wasn’t just the epidemic

it was You


Haven’t been doing well since Easter’s been cancelled

It’s a house made of candy

like Hansel and Gretel's

It feels bad, doesn't it. This should rhyme but it doesn't.