• Emily Louise Perkins

April 27

In my dream a sad dream

I yelled at her / I said / ‘I have an endless sadness in me now and it’s not because of death It’s because of you’ / I’ve always belonged here’ / I spit / I was born here / I mutter to myself / These blinding overhead lights are my living room / they’ve turned my eyes grey / I’m a nearly retired donkey / There is a cut under my left eye from her cancer and my right droops tears from his car crash / I can smell the riotous blood in you / familiar / and I had just circled round to cheer you / I had just circled round to trot a little behind you, help you along *sniff Go! / Oh! / Betrayal. Your unripe eyes rolling / they haunt me / I’ll be doing this til I die / Will I die? / Or will I have to watch you all die / Eternity a failed theater production